scallywag195's Journal

I'm getting older and my body creaks more than it used to, but I enjoy getting outdoors as much as possible. I live in a cold environment and get cold fingers and toes, since they've gotten frostnipped while coaching kids cross-country skiing. Summer is a time of green, midnight sun and mosquitos.

My border collie, Rosie, is one of the joys in my life. I travelled to Northern Calif. to buy her as a puppy. She's now lit up our home for over seven years. If I spend too much time on the computer, she stares at me. (The border collie stare) If that doesn't get my attention, she will put a toy beside me on the chair. Then she sighs. And sighs. Then the stare starts again, and another toy...well you get the picture, it can go on until there is a pile of toys so high it topple when I finally get up.

I changed careers a few years ago from working in administration for a non-profit organization to a naturalist. Now I lead nature hikes for school groups at a local nature center and enjoy it a lot. Using what I've taught while working with kids, I've started writing science articles. Since most of my work at the nature center is in the spring and fall, I use the rest of my time to write.