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Exit Glacier

Yesterday as an anniversary celebration my husband and I drove to Seward and hiked at Kenai Fjords National Park. Mostly a rain forest, we hiked for over an hour. Here's a view of Exit Glacier, which has receded significantly since I was there 22 years ago.

When I was in California I stayed in a vacation rental that was on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It had wonderful views when I came up for air after working on paperwork.

The table I mostly worked on. From the back deck.

Petrero Hills

My family. My inheritance. Generations of ranchers. Lost.

I needed to return to my home town to get deeds to show my mother retained mineral rights in the land that was sold to pay my father's debts he'd accrued through an alcoholic haze of bad choices.

What could have been a sad journey turned out to be healing. Another ranch family, known to mine, eventually gave their land to a land trust. The ranch is still a working ranch, open to the public. I hiked there two consecutive days. This ranch is about 4 miles west of the land I grew up on. I felt really happy, hiking. Grasshoppers whizzing up reminded me of hours spent in catching them. A red-tailed hawk flew overhead. It was quiet save for the west wind which kept the heat tolerable.

Hill Climbing.

View from the top of the hill.

"Today, I respect the changing garden of my life. I focus on those areas that are in blossom and I allow other areas to lie fallow knowing they, too, will blossom in turn."

--Julia Cameron in Transitions

Aug. 31st, 2016

From a hike on a warm early fall day:

The lake is called Reflections Lake and it's a nice hike of about a mile around it. We heard a loon while there. Loons are one of my favorite water birds and I hadn't heard one in years. The plant going to seed is fireweed.

I created a new word: lambyfied. I was lambyfied yesterday = I was shorn yesterday. My wool was shaved. (I got a haircut.)

Hiking at APU

A nice hike on university grounds today. It was predicted to rain all day, but stopped just before I left the house.

I found:A drowned caterpillar in a mushroom bathtub.


A beautiful spider when I bent down to take the mushroom picture.

The weather has changed. We've had a fair amount of rain, it gets dark around 10:30 and there are mushrooms sprouting up everywhere. Red Elderberry berries with droplets of rain clinging seen during a recent walk.


Blue Butterfly

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